Parent Association Mission Statement:

The goal of the SMPS Parent Association (PA) is to foster and grow a school and parish community rooted in faith that supports each other through the joys and milestones of life as well as the sadness and challenges it presents. We believe that, by creating opportunities and activities, the school community will serve as a family environment whose nature will be to encourage, support, and take care of each other. This can be accomplished through existing programs, as well as through new programs and activities that draw on the knowledge and help of others. These activities will strengthen and forge relationships, raise important funding for the school, and create a supportive network of members. In turn, this will fulfill the mission and ultimately support the school as we mutually work together to raise our children.

For more information about the Parent Association, please contact:
Sarah Kilpatrick & Jennifer Magruder Robinson, SMPS Parent Association Co-Presidents

For information about the Craft Fair, contact:

VIRTUS Training

All Parent Volunteers must complete the VIRTUS training as outlined in the Diocesan Policy Relating to Sexual Abuse.

For information about the policy or the training, please visit the Office of Safe Environment on

Background Check

A background check is required as part of the Diocesan Policy Relating to Sexual Abuse.  For your convenience, a background check form is provided below.