Academic-Excellence.fwSt. Michael Parish School Standardized Testing
We offer a rigorous academic program that fully prepares children for successful high school, college and professional careers.

MAP Testing
Three times a year (Fall, WInter, and Spring) all students in grades K-8 take the NWEA MAP test. All students are testing in the areas of Reading and MAth. Students in grades 2-8 are also test in Language. Fifth and eighth grade students are testing in Science as well. The test not only measure academic achievement, but more importantly measures and tracks student growth.

Assessment of Catechesis Religious Education (ACRE)
The NCEA  ACRE test is given to students in grade 5 and grade 8 every March.

The 2001 edition of the NCEA ACRE continues to be a valid and reliable evaluation tool for religion programs. Evaluating the status of our religious education program at St. Michael Parish School requires that our teachers are attuned to the mission, goals and strategies inherent to the delivery of sound catechesis. Such an evaluation also calls for a thorough, regular review of our religious curriculum, teaching methods, instructional approaches and available resources allocated to accomplish our mission.